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I specialize in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design. Here is what I do:



I analyze existing products, explore best practice solutions and study user stories, to identify pain points, requirements and opportunities.



I help define the communication goals and scope of projects. To this end I provide wireframes, mockups, prototypes and estimates.



I design interfaces, websites, apps and animations. I strive for results that are in equal measure beautiful, meaningful and useful.


Nice of you to stick around! Why don't you check out some samples of my work:

About me

You wonder what got me here? Here is a quick summary of my story so far:



  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Sketch, Figma

  • Axure, Hotgloo, Balsamiq, Moqups

  • InVision, Zeplin

  • WordPress

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Mac, Windows


I’m particularly interested in how interactive storytelling techniques and animation can be used to improve user experiences, interfaces and technologies in general. Also, I constantly try to gain a deeper understanding of how software and hardware trends influence our social interactions and behavioural patterns as individuals and as a society. More recently I have been fascinated with AI and how it changes the creative process and what we perceive as art.

Privately I enjoy e-sports, videogames, interior design, tiny houses and cooking.

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch via Email or write me on LinkedIn or Xing.